Discrimination is still alive.

The phone rang this morning and my friend B was on the other end. B and her family of 7 are in the same boat as we are…the SS Shitballs. We are both in need of a place to call home and both have too many kids to be able to rent. Sound ridiculous? I think so too.

Apparently, homeowners discriminate against the overly fertile. If a family has more than 3 kids, nobody will rent to them. What kind of money dookie is that? So we are left to figure out how to buy a house that we can afford and does not require a down payment. In other words, we have about as good of a chance finding such a home as Brett Favre had of playing first string for the Packers again. NONE.

But…we can’t stay here. So what is a family to do? Luckily, my husband has some knowledge of real estate/lending practices, so he may be able to figure this whole thing out. In the meantime, I will try not to focus on the fact that we live in a hot bed of crime, far from our family and where we need to be.

Question for the day: Why is it illegal to discriminate according to age, race and gender but not fertility?

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