My Place

What better sign can you get from God than ignorance?

Allow me to elaborate: I prayed about the situation, talked with Daniel and then gave it to God. I figured that trying to find an answer would be fruitless, so I stopped looking. On a side note…I had an email from Supernanny. com awhile back, claiming that they were writing up my contract and would have it over to me ASAP. That was a week ago. Since then, I’ve heard nothing. I emailed them two days ago. No response was given. So I gave it one last try…. still nothing.

Apparently it was not meant to be, because I haven’t heard so much as a peep from them. I don’t know why, since the editor has always been so expedient about replying to my email. So here I am….and I have such a sense of relief about it. I feel like I belong here and would be sad to leave, even for more money.

Then…to solidify my place here even more so, I called an old acquaintance today. I had a simple question about something totally unrelated to what we ended up discussing. Somehow, I felt the need to share our situation with her. It was pure providence that we spoke. I found out that her son and my son, battle the same battle. She was relieved beyond words to find another mom who could relate to her struggles and was willing to talk about it. You see…the more I find it in my heart to open up to people, the more I realize that we all struggle. We all have things that are less than perfect. In talking about those things and being brave enough to open up, we will find a commonality and support that we never dreamed possible.

When I think back to 2004 and the first blog post I wrote, I never dreamed it would lead me here. I never imagined it would open doors that it has. I never thought that it would help anyone, besides myself. I have learned that honesty and openness are the keys to being a healthy soul. This is my place. This is my purpose. I am confident in that. I am home at the Innsane.

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