August’s Downpour

Do remember that famous storm system of 1998? It brought months of downpours to the US. This past month was an El Nino type system in the Prescott household. It all began with the hurty toe. I’m sure you recall the pictures of Ella’s infected pinky toe. It was not pretty and it was just the beginning…

The following week, we realized that Daniel Jr. needed more help than we could give him for his fragile condition. Then we had to go through the agonizing week of finding out what was going in with him. The first day of school happened to fall on the same week. We had to get everything ready for the first day, while trying to take care of Daniel’s situation. Chaos, stress and anxiety were our constant companions that week. It ended well, thank God. I figured that we had experienced enough drama for the month and things would calm down…wrong.

The next week, my missing cat reappeared with deep wounds covering his body. I immediately took him to the vet. Three hundred dollars later, he was snipped, sewn and on the mend. My husband, not an animal lover in the least, cringed at the bill but knew that it was our responsibility to take care of Sheriff (the cat.)

We took Sheriff home to heal and Ella thought that he needed some love, so she sneaked into the garage to pet him. She ran back in screaming and holding her arm. The cat had bitten her. Apparently, he did not agree with Ella. We cleaned and bandaged the puncture wounds. At least we did not have to go back into the doctor. I had forgotten to take into account that Phillip’s surgery was the next day.

The next morning, Daniel took Phillip to his surgery to have his adenoids removed and tubes put in the ears. While they were gone, I realized that Ella was scratching her arm. I looked and recognized the tell tale signs of an infection where the cat bite was. “Oh for shit’s sake!” I cursed to myself, “I should have put that *#-!*#- cat out of his misery when I had the chance.” So, when Daniel and Phillip returned from the hospital, I loaded Ella into the truck and took her to urgent care. I felt so white trash when I explained that the cat had bitten her, it had gotten infected and they recognized us from the hurty toe incident. We got antibiotics and left as quickly as possible.

The month of August ended with a sigh of relief. I’m praying that September is an easier month, or at least less injury ridden. We can’t afford another month like that!